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Gall Bladder Issues

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WOO! May. 4th, 2010 @ 02:06 pm
I'm so happy, guys!

Last month my gallbladder was inflamed and I had to have evil (VERY evil) antibiotics for it. It helped for about a week and a half, perhaps a little longer, then things were 'back to normal' (and by normal, I mean pain and discomfort central). I knew I had a specialist coming up, so I didn't bother going back to the doctor like he said to, and I'm glad I did that! I saw the specialist today, and while he's no longer going to be treating me for my "gut issues", his final act was to.... refer me to the surgeons for them to investigate my gallbladder for possible removal.

SO HAPPY! My GP's wouldn't listen to me about my gallbladder, but this specialist took the time to ask me what my symptoms were and explained that they WERE IN FACT from my gallbladder!!

I truly felt like crying, that's how happy I was after that appointment this morning.

He told me the surgeons would most likely get me set up for some kind of scan that is specifically for finding out how fast or slow your gallbladder empties; does anyone know much about that? If you've had it done, what was it like? He told me I'd only get injected with a special something-rather that would cause my gallbladder to contract, and not have to drink anything (because he's made me drink stuff twice for a CT and colonoscopy, and knows I really do NOT want to drink crappy tasting stuff again lol). Obviously the scan itself probably wouldn't hurt, but how did the overall scan go for you?

I mentioned I'm happy, right? I am so truly happy! The prospect of surgery scares me, but given I can literally only eat five items of food....I kinda would love my GB removed so I can get some semblance of 'normalcy' back in my diet.
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Food help Mar. 5th, 2010 @ 03:26 pm
Would someone here be able to help with any fruit and/or vegetable suggestions that are generally well received by most, if not all, gallstone sufferers? I know it's difficult in finding foods, and some foods work for one group of people that other groups can't eat, and vice versa.

Right now I'm living on potato wedges (baked, not fried), steamed potatoes, boiled chicken & broad (fava) beans. I have had to introduce cheese into my diet for calcium, and I think it may be causing my GB to 'act up'. I can't eat anything with gluten in it, hence why I'm posting about fruits and vegetables :)

Fish I can sometimes eat, and at other times it's a no-no food. I can't eat mutton, beef or pork. Last night I ate a carrot as I'd been told my "food issues" were related to my anxiety disorder, and I ended up with a GB attack.

A surgeon knows I've got gallstones, but I've not once seen him and so I've got no idea if or when they'll do something about the stones, or even remove my gallbladder. In the meantime, I just want to try adding some more food to my diet.....but without hurting and feeling worse in the process if I can absolutely help it.

Thanks :) :)

Success! Jan. 6th, 2010 @ 10:28 pm
So, I had my gallbladder removed December 21st and it's now January 6th and I'm okay!

I've read a lot of entries on here about people having complications after surgery, like not being able to eat normally or not being able to drink alcohol, and I wanted to post my success story to give hope to others who read this blog.

It's been two weeks and two days since my surgery and everything seems back to normal (post-gallbladder problem.) I can eat anything I want without any complications and I can drink alcohol normally as well. I wasn't a heavy drinker or anything before surgery, but I was able to have a martini or a beer and I am able to have one now as well.

Most of the stories I read online before my surgery were people writing about the complications they endured after surgery and I fully understand the need to reach out to others in the same position, but I felt my story needed to be told so that people who were pre-op could have at least one success story to give them hope of an easier life after surgery.

My heart goes out to the people who have had post-op complications, but I want to give hope to the people who are struggling with the decision to have surgery. It was the best decisions I've ever made. I'm healthy now, living without pain, and able to conduct a normal life. My doctor says I shouldn't lift over 10 lbs for at least 6 weeks, but other than that I'm back to my pre-surgery self.

I wish all of you a healthy new year and good luck with any problems (gallbladder related or not) you may have.

Surgery Dec. 24th, 2009 @ 05:26 pm
I just had my surgery Monday. There were a few complications so my recovery isnt going to be as smooth and fast as some others. First, I had a stone that was 2cm and stretching my gall bladder out so they had the stretch the biggest incision to get it out. Also, I got diagnosed in April and have been having attacks for 8 months so there was scar tissue on other organs they had to remove.

Giving that my recovery is a little different than normal, I was wondering did anyone else who had the surgery completely lose their appetite after? I haven't wanted to eat anything since surgery at all. I've been trying to eat, and nothing I eat seems to bother me (though I haven't eaten much) but I still don't even have any desire for food.

Also, how long did it take for you to stand up on your own? I know its harder for me because they stretched the stomach incision, but I cant even stand to take a shower on my own. I don't know what I would do if my husband wasnt there to help me wash my hair. =\

Lastly, did anyone else have trouble leaning towards one side or the other, or laying flat? I cant lean to either side or lay flat right now.

Thanks for the help guys. I hope everyone whose had surgery is able to eat delicious christmas food tomorrow and everyone who still has their gallbladder wont have any christmas attacks!

Merry christmas.

Nov. 16th, 2009 @ 06:44 pm
Questions for those who've had their gall bladders removed:

Did your digestion/gas improve, worsen, or stay the same after gall bladder removal surgery?
What was your digestion/gas like before the surgery?
Do you have any food intolerances?
Did you make any changes to your diet or lifestyle that might've contributed to the positive or negative changes?
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» So glad I found this place!
Hi everyone,

I've been suffering with GB symptoms for a while, now. About a year ago I was diagnosed with having sludge, then in May of this year, after going to the hospital for a really bad attack, I was diagnosed with stones. It was weird, I had a low-grade fever for about a week and my doctor put me on cipro, but it didn't do anything and it didn't seem like I had an infection.

I was seeing a surgeon about a forthcoming surgery but it never happened. My regular doctor (who is an endocrinologist) seemed to think that I would be better off changing my diet and seeing if that would help. He thought it would be a better idea to try that first than to get surgery. (mostly because of my age-- I'm only 22)

I had an attack last night, though it wasnt the stabbing pain that we all know and do not love. More like... I had irritated it or something. I felt feverish for a few hours and then that went away, too. Today, I am just feeling sore all over my upper abdomen.

Thoughts? I had been on a completely no-fat (or really really low fat) diet for about 4 months and I guess I recently started slipping. I think I could go back on that, but... its hard, going out with people and what not and being afraid of eating even the smallest thing. Even so, I would like to avoid surgery.

Also, any thoughts on that mysterious fever?

Thank you!

» New to the community
Hey everyone, I'm so glad someone created this community. I'm 26 and recently had my gall bladder removed.

I've had ongoing issues with my digestive system for some time but figured its just from my crappy diet and I've learned to avoid the foods that made me feel sick (onions/garlic/spicy/Italian/milk products). Three weeks ago while working at my overnight job I had chest pain so bad I thought I was having a heart attack, I chalked it up to heartburn and took some tums and in about 20 minutes it was gone. Over the next two weeks no pain but everything I ate was making me feel nauseated. Then on Sunday July 19th after spending time at a friends house I had the pain again (this was 3am, yet again in the middle of the night) this time it was much worse. When I got home i took a zantac 75 and again within 30 minutes pain was gone and I could sleep. So that Monday I finally had enough and made an appointment with the doctor. She thought it was probably an ulcer, prescribed me some strong pepcid and wanted me to get an ultra sound done the next day. Went to pharmacy, got meds, took them, went to work. Six hours after taking the pepcid stuff, i start having the pains again (only had a sandwich for lunch nothing extravagant) and they were just getting worse and worse. Called the doc to see if I could take another pepcid or what to do, they said if its really bad go to the ER.

So now by this point I'm in so much pain I'm doubled over waiting to see the doc in the ER, they do x-rays and don't see much, but want to keep me overnight to do an ultrasound the next day. Ultrasound finds gall stones including one that's 11mm in size, hour later I'm under having gall bladder removed.

I've been trying to figure out what could have caused this especially since i'm only 26. Both my grandmothers had theirs removed but my mom has never had digestive issues and still has her gall bladder. I've seen others in this community talk about it possibly being from birth control pills, which I only started taking about a year ago (after years of the boyfriend hounding me). I know I don't exactly have the best diet in the world and i have gained a lot of weight within the last 5 years as well. So I assume those could be the culprit as well.

Well now that I've talked (or typed) your ears off, my main reason for joining was to see what people did post op as far as care for the wounds, and diet since my surgeon only said glue will fall off on its own and you can eat whatever you want, which is conflicting with what 2 friends who have had theirs out are telling me...any help would be appreciated :)
» a hole?!
so today i noticed that one of my incisions has a hole in it. 
from what i can tell it doesn't appear to be deep but i don't know.  there is a little bitty spot right next to the hole that may or may not have a dot of puss in it. all in all it doesn't look infected, but it is still red/pink. but so are the others.

i know these pictures are crappy quality but it's the best i could do. (no, i'm not dirty but i cannot get all the sticky stuff from the steri-tape off and after wearing a black shirt, the sticky substance now looks dirty.)

the hole is on the left side. it's probably about as big as the tip of a bobby pin. how deep ... i can't totally tell. it's not bleeding. no puss is coming out of it.

should i go back to the dr or what? i put neosporin on it and placed a bandaid over it just for extra protection. i'm hoping within a few days it'll look better.

3 tiny picturesCollapse )
» steri-tape ... removal?
yes, it's me ... again.

so i had my gallbladder taken out sunday (5 days ago) well they put disolvable stitches in (inside) but they put steri-tape on the outside over all 4 incisions with no gauze or anything.

they failed to tell me what to do for care on my incisions. do i just leave the tape on and let it come off on it's own? do i peel it off after a certain amount of time?

the incisions on my bellybutton and below my breasts are the two worst. i can't even feel the other two so they do not cause me any problems.

well... the incision below my breasts looked like it might be kind of red on the surrounding area so i decided to try to pull the tape away slightly to check it. well, i made it bleed. just a teeny tiny bit. just half a drop really. but it's kind of got me paranoid. and now the incision stings just a bit. i did put the tape back over it immediately and did not notice that it bled til later. and that was about 4 hours ago. it doesn't appear to have bled anymore. i'm still paranoid.

what shall i do? go back to the doctor - which i really don't want to do as the hospital i went to is 1.5 hours away in my hometown. leave it alone? keep an eye on it? let the tape fall off?

also... did anyone else experience paranoia about eating after their GB removal surgery? cause i'm paranoid to eat anything these days. and i've noticed i now have heartburn. which i never had before.

sorry for being such a pest with all this. but it seems to be the best place to ask questions online. since every single other forum i found on GB's is horror stories and people complaining that they still have problems - they gained weight - yada yada.

thanks you guys!!! 
» Still have the pain after the surgery?
Sorry to be posting here so much lately

I was doing some research tonight online and i've found several sites that say I could still have the pain even though my gallbladder has been removed. WHAT? That's not good. If that's the case I may as well not even had it removed.

I'm just wondering if that happened to any of you. Cause now i'm freaking out about that.

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