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bloating question - Gall Bladder Issues

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Previous Entry bloating question Jun. 6th, 2010 @ 11:30 pm Next Entry
First up, thank you to you all for your replies on my last post. Your suggestions for foods to try help with symptoms were brilliant, I'm just sorry I have a stupidly terrible memory (lack of proper nutrition apparently) and have not been in the right mind to reply. I wish I could eat everything suggested, but I have unfortunately had gallbladder attacks to just about everything I've tried re-introducing into my diet over the last year and a half.

My question this evening for you is this: Is there anything you guys would do, or do still do, to help alleviate bloating caused by your gallbladder?

I continue to have it really badly and, not to be too gross, but really awful gas most of the time as well. It used to be that I would only have these symptoms for a few days, up to about two weeks each month. Now it's every single day. It is both embarrassing, uncomfortable, and extremely annoying.

I've tried exercising, but maybe I'm doing the wrong ones because they always seem to make things a lot worse. I've thought of trying a new food to help, but as I said currently my diet is severely restricted, anything but my three main foods absolutely kills my intestines and causes a painful gallbladder attack, as well as violent diarrhea. Things are actually to the point now where I can't even drink a few mouthfuls of water without a (small but painful) gallbladder attack most days either.

As you can tell I'm still waiting to hear from the surgeon to find out if/when they'll remove my gallbladder. I'm quite pissed off that it hasn't happened yet, considering it is clearly causing me a poor quality of life, but in the meantime I figure....well, I'll just try do what I can to alleviate any and all symptoms when they arise. So for now, it's the bloating thing.

Any suggestions would be welcome, even homeopathic ones. I take ginger root every day to help with poor digestion (and inflammation in my intestines), and I also have peppermint that greatly helps with indigestion also, so if there is anything you might know of, or have personally used that could be of help for bloating....I would very seriously consider you my own personal hero!

Thank you and sorry this was quite long, I've not got the gift of brevity I'm afraid. :/
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